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Executive Coaching
Coaching is a process.  Partner with us and increase your effectiveness and fulfillment as you achieve your goals and realize greater personal  satisfaction in the results.
On a weekly basis over the telephone, face-to-face, or a combination of both, Clients identify their objectives, and a Certified, Proven Executive Coach works with you until they are reached! 
These sessions are confidential, and focused on increasing effectiveness, satisfaction and achieving a higher quality of life. 

Our corporate coaching services helps leaders who want to be grow, be challenged in stimulating ways and achieve greater meaning in life. 
The feedback is  objective and critical, and focused on:
Forward Focus Performance Systems
The results you are achieving as you incorporate your values in your attitude, behavior and expectations.
Both your articulated as well as unspoken goals and objectives.
Your perspective on the challenges you have interpersonally, and in the politically charged dynamics of your job
Providing input

The process is guided by your objectives, and informed by the use of various assessment tools.
Benefits of Working with Forward Focus as a Partner:
Adds a unique perspective to help achieve the full potential within your team
Third party confidentiality and "neutrality" which helps identify key factors impacting performance that may not be revealed internally
Tools and experience which are proven to enhance results
Forward Focus works with a network of skilled development professionals
Customized plans, because one size does not fit all.
Benefits of our Integrated Process:
On-going, one on one partnering
Customized, focused "game" plans, designed to motivate participants and have the greatest positive impact to business results.
  Adds a unique perspective to help achieve the full potential within your team
Benefits to organizations around this customized approach are:
Motivated Leaders throughout your organization
Increasingly Effective Teams and/or Individuals
Balanced Teams and/or Individuals
Focused Development
Succession Planning Support
To learn more about the tools, models, systems, and structures we use,
"The overall objective with coaching is to develop leadership skills through self-awareness and commitment to personal growth.

Your focus on measurable results while maintaining a high level of service & operational excellence to both customers and stakeholders has enabled all participants to develop."

National Manager, Sears Canada

"How powerful you can be when you are focusing on your strengths. I now find that I am more aware of these key traits and can leverage them in my career and personal life. Big breakthrough.

Sheeba's interpretation of the information was what really hit the ball home for me. I have taken many of these assessments before but found the clarity and simplicity of this one, along with Sheeba's focus, profound and insightful."

VP, Citibank, NY
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Executive Coaching
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