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Give a brief description of these fundamental Sandler Rules:

A Money does grow on trees.
B A prospect that is listening is no prospect at all!
T The best sales presentation that you give is one the prospect will never see.
A You can perform in your roles only in a manner that is consistent with how you
  see yourself conceptually.
B Organize your prospect box on your time.
T When a prospect is neutral, get them moving.
A Selling is a Broadway play put on by a psychiatrist.
B Work smart, not hard!
T When you want to know the future, bring it back to the present.
A Worry is interest paid in advance on borrowed trouble.
B Get an I.O.U. for everthing you do.
T Express your feelings through third party stories.
A You never have to like cold calls, you just have to make them.
B Every unsuccessful prospecting call earns compound interest.
T Leave a lot of unanswered questions.
A If you are only what you were told you could be, you're less that what you can
B Your meter's always running!
T Don't buy back tomorrow the product or service you sold today.
A There is no growth without pain.
B A professional does what he did as a dummy – on purpose.
T Never go into a box.
A Never get emotionally involved in a call.
B On your way to the bank, keep one eye over your shoulder.
T When prospects are emotionally involved, they never see the reverses.
A 0% of your selling comes from your critical parent.
B When making telephone calls, go for the appointment only.
T When a prospect is positive, stripline!
A People buy in spite of the hard sell, not because of it.
B Develop a prospecting awareness.
T When a prospect is negative, stripline hard!
A Luck is preparation meeting opportunity.
B Only give a presentation for the kill.
T When making a joint sales call, only one person speaks.
A Decide what you want, build a plan, and you can bet on the outcome.
B Sell today, educate tomorrow.
T Begin all reverses with a softening statement.
A The problem the prospect brings you is never the real problem.
B You have to learn to fail, to win.
T A winner has alternatives; a loser puts all of his eggs in one basket.
A There is a difference between who you "I" and what you "R".
B The bottom line of professional selling is going to the bank.
T You can't sell anybody anything, they must discover they want it.
A Keep your belly button covered.
B Product knowledge used at the wrong time can be intimidating.
T Answer every question with a question.
B The way to get rid of a bomb is to defuse it before it blows.
T You don't learn how to win by getting a yes, you learn how to win by getting a
A Leave your child in the car!
B Don't spill your candy in the lobby!
T When all else fails, become a consultant.
A No one can enter your castle without your permission.
B A decision not to make a decision is a decision.
T When reversing, a prospect will generally redefine his question.
A People buy emotionally, they make decisions intellectually.
B Don't put seagulls in the prospect's picture.
A Selling is not for getting your needs met.
B There is no such thing as a good try!
T When in front of the prospect, you are the home office!
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