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A high-powered sports car has a tremendous amount of potential energy, but it cannot leave the start line until someone turns on its ignition.

The powerful engines of a wide-bodied jet cannot lift the plane an inch off the ground without someone first activating its controls.

A locomotive under power can smash though a brick wall ten feet thick!  But it can't move until someone fires up the engine.
Forward Focus Performance Systems
Machines can't turn themselves on.  But people can!

Too many people sit around waiting to be motivated – as if some kind of chemical reaction will propel them into action.  Self-starters know better.  They act on their goals and motivation is built into the goals.

If you're not feeling "up to it," no amount of concentration, wishful thinking, or smokescreen planning will get you moving.
Remember Newton's law?  Things in motion tend to stay in motion; things at rest remain at rest. The more you think about becoming motivated, the better the chances that you won't.

Self-starters know there's never a "right" time to get started.  Regardless of how they feel at any given moment, how they feel in the next moment is determined by the actions they take.

If you have set worthwhile goals, and you've developed a plan of action, you can set your plan into action any time of the day or night simply by acting.  It's how you act that determines how you feel; not how you feel that determines how you act.

Don't lose precious time by waiting for the "right" time.  Take charge and become a self-starter NOW!

Sheeba Varghese is an affiliate of the Sandler Sales Institute, an international consulting firm that specializes in sales, sales management and human relations skills training.  For more information, contact 1-866-737-7188 or by e-mail at
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