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What people are saying about Sheeba

” My coach is the reason why I am doing what i'm doing now.“

Steven Williams, CEO of Suncor/Petro Canada Energy, guest speaking at the Toronto Board of Trade, Dec. 6, 2012.

"She is an inspiration"

"Sheeba Varghese is a true believer in "more"; she refuses to accept that we are limited by our past, our circumstances, our "is" and insists that all of her clients, friends, social contacts remain open to consider the possibilities of life. In this, she is an inspiration as much as she is a guide to decisions affecting career, personal life, finances, relationships, ambition and how we each choose to spend our lives, develop our talents and seek fulfillment."

Stanley H. Hartt, O.C., Q.C.
Former Chairman
Citigroup Global Markets Canada Inc.

"Relentless, passionate and insightful"

"Sheeba embodies energy, passion, vision, intellect and warmth. She truly is a leading Canadian, and the reality is, the business world needs her."

John Breakey

"Sheeba has it in spades!"

"I had the pleasure of meeting Sheeba Varghese in her role as a volunteer fund raiser for the Peoples Players Theatre and was struck by her enthusiasm. During follow up business discussions it became clear to me her business acumen was focused, enthusiastic and profound. As a businessman I deal with top professionals daily. Sheeba Varghese breaks the mold! This leading edge executive coach and broadcaster is the future in Canada."

Donald Ziraldo,LLD
Co-founder, Inniskillin Wines
Chairman, Vineland Research and Innovation Center

"A pleasure to work with"

"There have been a few times I was ready to give up and I questioned my own belief system and whether I'm truly able to make a difference. Your support and feedback has not only improved the quality of my life but my overall effectiveness as a leader and member of the Human Race. Coaching is truly a journey not the destination."

Ruth Anne Videan
National Manager, HR Service Centre
Sears Canada Inc.

"Why settle for good when my life could
be great!"

"When Sheeba and I started working together, I was not entirely sure of what changes I wanted. However, in the course of our working together, I have seen tremendous movement in my daily life, professionally and personally. The progress I have made over the last five months has changed my life. Who knew that a coach could be so helpful in assisting me when I thought I had it all figured out?"

Patricia Gordon, BA, MBA
Vice President, Marketing

"I am a more confident, optimistic and balanced person"

"I have found that it is only a unique individual who has the ability to help others dig deep within themselves to find and expose strengths and weaknesses, fears and potential risks that allows them to move forward with great direction, confidence, and well-grounded but ambitious goals. Sheeba is just such an exceptional individual - who has helped me to do just that."

Maureen O. Cunningham
Director, World Heritage Partnership

"That Sheeba is being considered for the Top 40 Under 40 is no surprise"

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Sheeba Varghese for the past 10 years. We first met when I was Vice President Human Resources for Emco Limited. Because of her sense of resolve, her upbeat nature and determination, she stood out from others who approached me for "just 10 minutes of my time". I wasn't disappointed. I hired Sheeba to work with me on a project I was heading on sales force effectiveness. She delivered on all I threw her way. Once Sheeba knows what is desired, she perseveres until the goal is achieved."

Walt LeGrow
LeGrow hr Consulting Inc.

"Leads her life with a high level of purpose and moral clarity"

"Sheeba is one of the most perceptive, courageous people I have ever met in over thirty years of building organizations and recruiting and developing people. She has wisdom beyond her years, is remarkably intuitive and demonstrates a joyous, determined fearlessness in her work that significantly impacts both clients and colleagues alike. Relatively young for the roles that she plays, she can go toe-to-toe with executives two decades older, challenging their thoughts and behaviors in a way that is provocative, respectful and disarming. She knows how to quickly create safe havens for people and generates high levels of trust with all who have the privilege of working with her."

Timothy Dorman
Managing Director
Authentic Leadership Institute

"Doubt there ARE 40 others like her!!!!"

"Sheeba Varghese is a business woman, an outstanding leader and someone no one ever forgets."

Louie W. Mele
Past President
McDonald's Restaurants of Canada
Toronto, Ontario

"She demonstrates that anything is possible"

"Sheeba is a serious broadcaster who brings forward important cutting edge business issues. She is a successful entrepreneur who defies the unique challenges which face women as business leaders. Women are often subjected to outrageous stereotypes which must be overcome to be successful in today's business environment. Sheeba defies them all and succeeds. She is a member of a visible minority, a group often excluded from the corridors of power, a single mother of two young children and subject to all the work life balance issues one might expect. And yet in spite of all of this, she succeeds."

Mary Aitken
Founder & Managing Director

"Canada needs more Sheeba Vargheses to continue our march on the Global business stage and we should glorify and recognize them"

"Sheeba Varghese stood out in a crowd at a Chamber of Commerce meeting I was addressing on what it takes t o build a large successful corporation. Leadership, vision and determination are what I preach.

When I sat down with Sheeba to discuss some of these important themes, she was so impressive, I retained her firm immediately.

It is clear to me that this is a business women of immense intellect, determination and unique talent."

Ron Foxcroft
Chairman & CEO
Fox 40 International Inc.

"One of those rare once in a lifetime persons"

"If I can impart nothing else to readers about my interactions with Sheeba, you can take this from me - Sheeba is one tough woman who does not settle for half truths, lack of commitment to your beliefs, and she will stop at nothing to challenge you to put all “your cards” on the table. Is she intimidating? Yes. Can it be uncomfortable? Yes. Is she challenging? Very. Is it worthwhile? Absolutely.

Sheeba is one of those rare 'once in a lifetime persons'."

Martyn A. Piper
Chief Executive
Alberta and Northwest Territories (District of MacKenzie)
Regional Council of Carpenters and Allied Workers

"I value your insights and perspectives"

"I haven't always been the most cooperative client. No apologies but please understand that few people have seen me as open and vulnerable as you have. It is more than a little disconcerting to be so transparent; usually I'm the one who sees through people. Looking in the mirror isn't always pleasant.

At the end of the day however, actions speak louder than words and my repeated renewals should tell you that I value your insights and perspectives.

Thank you for being so persistent and not giving up on me. You continue to have a significant impact on me at a very deep level. You are a remarkable talent and I am blessed to have you in my life. Thank you."

Key Senior Executive
Oil and Gas Company - 2005-2008
Calgary Alberta

"Your time with me, allows me to realize a lot of things about myself"

"I cannot stop thinking about the things we talk about. Notice my mood/attitude change. I feel more in control of what is happening around me and more able to make decisions that are to and for my benefit. Simple things like not going out to the bar when tired, just to appease someone else. It makes me seriously question my reasons for doing the things I am doing, I still don't really have an answer to most of the questions I am asking myself, but at least I am asking them.

Your time with me, allows me to realize a lot of things about myself. I can't thank you enough. It is pretty tough to clearly explain the feeling I have after talking to you, but whatever it is that you do, it is much appreciated.

Graham Richardson
Sauder School of Business
5th Yr. BComm - Accounting

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2008 - Sheeba Varghese has been nominated for the prestigious Canadian Top 40 Under 40(TM) Award

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